About VRDI

Our Mission

Optimize the use of local resources for socio-economic development and triple the economic activities of the region within next 10 years.

Our Vision

We, the members of VRTI family commit to enhance integrated Sustainable development, Conserve and enrich natural resources, Implement result-oriented programs And generate need-based research, By Understanding the need of the people of rural areas, Becoming partners in their endeavor to be self-reliant, Collaborating with experts and various organizations, And imparting relevant education, Training for skill, technologies and science while assisting all the people through Faith and co-operation in times of natural and manmade disasters.

Why do we exists?

  • For economic upliftment of rural areas
  • Reach out to the global markets

Gujarat has witnessed several natural calamities in the history which became the reason of migration of its local community to the other parts. The residents of Gujarat kept their artwork as their heritage. The evolvement of V.G.S at that time was to promote the Kutch artwork, provide employment and stop the migration of the local community.

Shri Vivekanand Gramodyog Society (V.G.S) came into being in 1988 as a registered society. They encouraged Kutch artwork, empowered women, provided training, helped in self-production, market support, and conducted awareness programs to help them overcome the calamity.