We are now VRDI. i.e. Vivekanand Rural Development Institute.

We have evolved from VGS –  Shree Vivekanand Gramodhyog Society.

What was our MISSION of VGS?

V.G.S. has established with the mission that to develop the skill in Kutch Art encourage women Empowerment and survival the Kutchi Handicraft’s thereon Training, self Production, market support, awareness programmes within the needy people and ultimately to stop migration ……….

Some of VGS statistics:

  • Number of years active: 19 years
  • Prod. In quantity in (Mtr.) lakhs: 7.50
  • Garments in thousands: 84.8
  • Sales T.O. (in lakhs): 456.80
  • Artisans involved: 525
  • No. of trainees: 1139
  • Total Program: 68
  • Entrepreneurs Development: 9